With A G E comes experience, Established in 2012 and based in Knowsley.

A G E is a Family run business, when you get a job done by us you become a member of our family, we treat you like your blood related, this will guarantee friendly helpful staff, reliable engineers, and give peace of mind throughout any project.  We welcome you to our family which grows every day.




Were not too large for a small job & were not too little for a big job.

We have kind helpful friendly staff with experience and enough knowledge to get through any situation.


Duty of care and attention to detail will always be taken with every job.

We value customer satisfaction more than we value profit.

We’re a little company with a big heart.

There’s a place in the world for any business that takes care of its customers after the sale.

Your home is your castle and our engineers are like knights in shining armour we will protect your home by using necessary protective floor covers and your furniture will be covered with cotton dust sheets.

Helping the (A G E)d! We offer discount rates for over 60s. As a company we try our best to help out the pensioners, after all these are the GOLDEN YEARS for you guys, over pricing and confusing sales we will not be.

We should wear costumes because we’re like super heroes.

If Carlsberg needed a Plumbing & Heating engineer, they would probably call us.

If we was a beer we would be John Smiths (No nonsense) Have it!!


I am a hard working person, highly motivated and friendly, very reliable and always willing to learn and try out new challenges. I also have a wide range of professional skills and knowledge, spent 6 years working in Welding & Fabrication and since 2004 working in the Plumbing & Heating trade.

Am good with people and have a lot of time and patience for others. I take pride in my work and take great satisfaction knowing I have done my job well, and to a high standard.

Since September 2012 I have been working on building a plumbing & heating company and currently contract work from new build companies and also cover work for landlords and homeowners. As the work we cover is to a high standard, current feedback has been positive we are hoping to expand and gain more work on reputation and by word of mouth. AGE Plumbing & Heating Ltd is building a portfolio of work and references. 

Our engineers have many years of experience in all aspects of Plumbing & Heating, and over the majority of the years working on one-day central heating installations for many housing trusts across Liverpool, Manchester, Salford, Leeds, Wigan and Wales to name a few

Building Regulations in England & Wales

The Building Regulations in England & Wales make it a legal requirement for the Local Authority (LA) to be informed about the installation of a heat producing gas appliance and  any associated heating and hot water systems installed with the appliance, This includes boilers, water heaters, warm air heaters, gas fires and flued cookers.  As a Gas Safe Registered Engineer we are responsible for ensuring the LA is notified.

We notify Gas Safe Register and they inform the relevant LA on our behalf. You as a customer will then receive a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate which may be needed when the property is sold or re-mortgaged  And a Declaration of Safety Certificate.

The gas industry is highly regulated and the proper training and qualifications are essential to ensure Gas Engineers work safely and lawfully. By law, all Gas Engineers must be registered on the Gas Safe Register (formerly CORGI) and that involves attaining an NVQ Diploma that is aligned to the ACS scheme and/or being assessed for competence under the Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting Operatives (ACS). Every Gas Operative must hold a “core” gas safety certificate for either domestic natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), or the commercial / industrial equivalents.

This will enable them to apply for registration on the Gas Safe Register, but the core gas safety certificate will only enable them to install, commission, disconnect and repair gas pipe-work in their chosen fuel (natural gas/LPG) and in their chosen sector (domestic/commercial). To be able to do any other work they also need to obtain additional certificates of competence in each and every fuel, sector and area of gas work they intend to undertake. So, for example, they need another certificate to work on cookers, another to work on gas fires and heaters, another to work on gas meters and so on. And finally, each of these certificates has to be renewed every five years in order to prove that the Gas Engineer is still competent and has kept up to date with ever-changing standards and regulations.