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The Office, Where All The Magic Happens

It’s been a 3 month project getting the new office refurbished, with not much space to work with options were limited, so with a lot of handy work from the old man kitchen cupboards and worktops have had a extra bit of spice, they have been lowered narrowed and...

Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Rainwater is a natural element that can cause havoc to property. Gutters & Spouts properly installed and maintained will help protect property from water damage. The main purpose of gutters is to move water away from your home’s foundations and basements. Do your...

How To Help Keep Your Shower Tray From Blocking

Shower tray blockage is a regular occurrence and hair being one of the main causes, a simple cost effective hair catcher/strainer will help keep your shower draining efficiently and no need to pay for that plumber to come to unblock. Feel free to get in touch if you...

Do you know where your WATER stop cock is located?

It is very important that you as a homeowner or a tenant know where the STOP COCK is located in the property. This is the control tap for your mains cold water, if you’re unfortunate enough to have a burst pipe or broken tap, with water causing damage to your floors...

Do you know how your GAS emergency control valve (ECV) works?

An emergency control valve is the most important isolation valve in any gas installation. It allows for the safe isolation of the full gas supply to the premise in the event of an emergency such as a gas escape. The method of operation should be permanently marked on...

AGE Plumbing & Heating Beauty Pageant Sponsor WINNERS!

AGE was proud to sponsor Danielle as she took part in a beauty pageant contest. Which she went on to win The Plumbase outfit with a copper hat and a copper cane for the recycling category, was pretty impressive!


Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in 2009 Gas Safe Register are the official list of gas businesses who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be on...

Why It’s Important To Get Regular Gas Safety Checks

Having an annual Gas safety check will test and make sure your appliances are working in a safe manner, and if required they should be serviced according to manufactures instructions. Don’t leave yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t leave yourself at...




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